Pamela's Potato Salad

This potato salad packs a punch on flavor with fresh herbs, spices and the best toppers! Feel free to swap out the avocado mayo for traditional mayo or better yet, homemade- but if you are trying to avoid soybean oil in traditional mayo this avocado mayo is my personal favorite. See the brand I like here. I buy it from Costco and usually a couple at a time!

I love a good potato salad. Store bought versions just don't fit the bill with the foods I try to avoid (soy, fillers, preservatives) and they lack that freshly made flavor. This recipe is clean and does not disappoint. If you've tried my recipes before, you know I don't measure and my guidelines are loose. I give you the ingredients, but I am not a stickler on measuring out amounts for spices, etc. I will for baking- but in something like potato salad I feel you can eye ball it and go with adding more of what you love and less of what you don't (or omit!).


Potato Salad Recipe

I like to set my potatoes aside after boiling and doing a quick ice bath (takes the heat out) so that extra moisture can be removed before mixing all together. Feel free to mix everything all at once, but I do recommend setting some bacon, fresh herbs and eggs for the top. I love a pretty presentation and the bit of color the scallions and dill add are just gorgeous!

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