Your #1 Summer Salsa

-Don't show up to your next BBQ without this salsa. -

avocado, mango, peppers, onion, garlic, salt, spice
Mango Avocado Salsa

I've been making this Mango-Avocado Salsa for years. It's fresh, light and full of flavor. I promise, your friends and family will love it and you'll wish you made more! I always make a huge batch when I do this salsa. For me personally, I eat it as a salad or over greens, but if you want to enjoy some tortillas or grain free tortillas- have at it!

With all the fresh ingredients you won't be disappointed!


If you are on a strict AIP Protocol: omit the peppers. Nightshades can irritate the gut lining and contribute to leaky gut.


Ok- don't freak out when you don't see exact measurements friends. Honestly, I don't use them! I rely on measurements for baking, but cooking is all about your comfort level in the kitchen, knowing your food and ingredients and a little trial and error. I am very comfortable with cooking so I'll attempt to send some of that confidence your way:)

I don't want you to feel intimidated with trying new recipes without exact measurements, but I do feel that part of the learning process if getting in there and testing things out!

SO- put a little of this and that in and see how it goes! Only have one pepper on hand? Use it. Have 2 or 3? Sure thing- toss it in. The thing is, recipes like this are flexible! Have fun, use it as a guide and nothing more:)

Print this recipes with the PDF File Below!

Mango Salsa
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If you make it, I wanna hear about it!

Hugs! Pam

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